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Comflo’s blockchain software links verified buyers and sellers to initiate and
complete trades in a safer, cheaper and faster way.

Easy, Secure Commodities Transactions

How Comflo works

Step 1

Seller post a commodity listing

Step 2

Buyer submits a request

Step 3

Once a match is confirmed a transaction is established

Step 4

Digital communications and documents are securely exchanged on the blockchain

Step 5

Terms are confirmed as being met by both sides

Step 6

Payment is exchanged

Benefits to our Customers

Access to new customers and markets 

  • Link with verified buyers and sellers to reduce transaction risk

Verified supply and quality

  • Easily obtain certification details

Simple, low cost payment methods

  • Improved cash management and settlement times

Best in class risk management

  • Experienced risk support included with every transaction

Centralized secure communication

  • All transaction documents in a single location

Transparency and traceability

  • Tamper-proof blockchain technology for fraud prevention

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